The Institute

Founded in 2010, is a non-profit legal entity of private law, with cultural, educational and social welfare purposes, with activities in Brazil and abroad. Among the main institutional purposes are the preservation of Juarez Machado’s artistic memory, the incentive for free creation, stimulating research and interchange. Based in Joinville / SC, more than a large arts center is an extension of the artist’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no deadline or specific forms required to propose space occupancy for exhibitions or any other artistic expression. All proposals are submitted to a committee that meets regularly to evaluate the possibility of approval; curriculum, technical skills, budget and dates available will be considered.

For further information: +55 (47) 3033-3036 –

The International Institute Juarez Machado has the ideal structure to hold different types of events, promotional, business or training.

The pavilion, divided in two floors allows full or partial lease of the building. Equipped with air-conditioning, sound system, as well as mobility for provision of tables, chairs, among other facilities. Furthermore, we provide easy access for mounting and dismounting equipment, with a kitchen, ramps and adapted bathrooms.



The “Friend of the Institute” program’s main objective is raising funds to cover maintenance expenses and the space qualification, granting exclusive benefits and counterparts to the participants.

The participants will be contributing to carry out many activities such as exhibitions, debates, courses, exchanges, workshops and educational programs, offered for free or at popular prices for the entire community.

The Juarez Machado International Institute is a private, non-profit, cultural organization, offering educational, artistic and social assistance. Based in the city of Joinville / SC, its more than 1000m² area provides the public contact with productions and reference artists from Brazil and abroad, as well as promoting, encouraging and spreading inclusion actions, training, knowledge, contributing to the construction of new individual and collective repertoires.


In addition to the guarantee of investing your money in a serious and consolidated project, with actions focused in creative economy, human and social development, each category has a number of distinct advantages such as free access to visitors and special discounts on products or services.


The options are divided by values, both for individuals or legal entities. After deciding the option that most interests you, confirm your participation. You can also choose money order or make a deposit in our bank account.

In a few days you will be receiving the title of “Friend of the Institute” and will be able to enjoy the benefits offered. The embership in the program is voluntary, valid for 12 months and the amount invested is not tax deductible.

For further information contact us.

Rua Lages, 994 | Bairro América | Joinville | Santa Catarina
Fone +55 (47) 3033-3036 \ +55 (47) 9904-5929


The Juarez Machado International Institute has approved projects that allow full or partial tax deduction of your investment. Ask us about the options and counterparts offered.

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