The Space

MAIN HOUSE – Located on a restored historical landmark, the house where lived Juarez Machado’s parents, identifies the artist with the place he grew up and the city where he was born. Property built around 1930 and acquired by the artist’s family in the 50s, the main house holds the administrative, research and educational sectors, including a small boutique with exclusive products created by Juarez.

GARDEN – Teeming with flowers, plants and fruit trees, embraces Juarez Machado’s sculptures as part of the environment, creating an atmosphere of well-being and a harmonious coexistence. In 2014, the garden was awarded at the traditional Joinville’s Flowers Festival, winning 1st place on the Business Garden category.

EXHIBITION PAVILION – Divided into two floors, is fully air conditioned, with a built-in sound system and lighting tracks. The space is prepared to hold the most diverse productions and events such as art exhibitions, literary releases, scenic or musical performances, as well as seminars, meetings, debates, among others possibilities.

JM PAVILION – Under construction, the ground floor will host the Art Library, cafeteria and other activities. On the second floor, a permanent exhibition of Juarez Machado acquits. As accessibility measure, the building will have an elevator and an aerial walkway connecting the two pavilions.

ARTISTIC LIBRARY – Gathering a collection of hundreds of titles, will work as incentive and a source for research, education and knowledge. Still to be implemented, will be located at the new Exhibition Hall.

COME BY BIKE, IT’S FREE – Bike Parking racks were installed in front of the Institute, using a space that would fit two cars. Created to encourage the use of bikes contributing with the preservation of the environment and urban mobility, visitors coming on bike do not pay admission fee.


Institute Plans

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